Editing and proofreading

You are your own worst editor. It’s not personal, just a fact.

Sometimes it’s the wood for trees scenario – you’re so busy looking at the detail that the big picture gets blurred. Other times it’s the devil in the detail – with so much else running through your mind, your eyes just miss what sticks out like a sore thumb to others. And far too often it’s simply that you’re just too close to it – from where you’re sitting, what is obviously an elephant’s tail looks just like a pull switch for a light.

Stop – don’t pull that cord! Instead, let’s cast some light on how your editing and proofing could be made easier and more effective.

We have a nationwide team of qualified editors and proofreaders. So we can knock your copy into shape – or dot the Is and cross the Ts on your reports, web pages, marketing material or books. We can do so quickly, no matter what volume you have.

  • We’ll follow your house rules, or suggest standards to follow should you lack them
  • We’ll proactively liaise with your authors to answer any queries
  • We’ll format your reports following suggested templates
  • We’ll get everything so it is perfectly presented and effectively communicated

It will be a huge weight off your mind, and will give you more time for your other workload (or to sneak home early).

If you need to clear some trees to see the woods, unearth the devil in the detail or make sure you’re actually reaching for a light switch, then give us a call today on 0845 862 4646, or email info@writearm.co.uk.