Journalism and native advertising

Whether you’re after down home editorial input or someone who can go native, our experienced journalists can help.

For an authoritative take on your vertical we have expert writers who can demonstrate your thought leadership and capture the attention of even the most sophisticated audiences.

Is native advertising on the spectrum?

Much has been made of the super powers of native advertising.

It puts its pants on outside its spandex suit and flies in to save digital marketing. Or something like that.

We prefer to see it as part of a much wider spectrum of content marketing and journalism. We don’t doubt its power to engage, or its efficacy. We just prefer to get changed away from public phone boxes.

The thin white line between journalism and marketing is today nothing more than a faint grey smudge. Yet some things haven’t changed. Effective journalism and effective native advertising both rely on the same principles.

  • They must both deliver real value
  • They must both squarely address the concerns of the audience
  • They must both offer quality (in the form of information, education or entertainment)
  • And they must both be authoritative

We can provide you with both. So, do you want to go native or play it straight?

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