Here’s the video content rub. We all know we should have video on our website.

It boosts engagement, aids conversion, helps us rank a little higher with the Big G and… you know the rest. The problem is getting something written that will do you justice and rank well.

Things fall apart, far too often, at the drawing board rather than the shooting or editing stage. The fact is that scripting or storyboarding a short video is actually harder, in many ways, than creating an epic tale of biblical proportions.

If you’re struggling to find someone who knows how to add a killer punch to a two-minute round, or who can put your customers quickly in the picture, then, as they say in Hollywood, your people should speak to our people.

Shorts are our middle name, and we’re not talking Bermuda.

Bored by storyboards or just too off-the-cuff for a script? Even guerrilla filmmakers need storyboards and scripts: without them, you’re just monkeying around. Here’s why.

  • Share and communicate your vision

Essential for stakeholder buy-in and for reality checking those, shall we say, extravagant flights of fancy.

  • Smooth the production

There’s no better way to ensure your narrative flows and your story actually gets told.

  • Save yourself time

Producing a short without a script or storyboard, or with a poorly conceived one, will only waste time and money in the long run.

  • Get results

Making a short without a powerful script is like throwing mud at a wall: very little will stick, and what does stick will be, well, mud.

To put yourself in the frame for our scriptwriting and storyboarding services, give us a casting call on 0845 862 4646, or email – we’re ready to audition any time.