Our culture and values

We like the F-word.

Correction, we like F-words. Three of them are at the heart of our culture: Freedom, Flexibility and Fairness.

Freedom and Flexibility go together. Our clients are free to use our services when they want and how they want. We don’t tie them in to contracts and we don’t insist on retainers. We’re entirely flexible – we provide the writers they need, when they need them and we adapt to any system of working that they wish (any reasonable one at least).

Our writers enjoy freedom and flexibility too. They can work how and when they like – whether from their desk, a café or a mountain top. We try to avoid micromanaging them because we know that people do their best work when free from critical scrutiny.

And Fairness? Simple: we treat our clients and writers fairly. We don’t view clients solely as revenue streams. We want to contribute to their success. We are honest, we charge reasonably, not excessively, and we’re loyal to our writers and pay them decent rates. We don’t chase work at all costs and would rather turn down jobs than make a promise that we can’t keep.

Fairness depends on giving value. We’re not the most expensive writing service, but we’re also not the cheapest. We value what our writers do and pay them accordingly. Our value to clients is based, not only on the quality of our work, but also on the quality of our service.

Which brings us on to another important word. Happily, it begins with F too. It’s Fun. We don’t wear red noses, we don’t have a pool table or a beer fridge and we don’t do away days. We’re nevertheless on a mission to spread happiness, not to the whole planet, obviously, but at least to our clients and writers.

We believe that what we do should be enjoyable for all concerned. We work with a smile on our faces and we ask all our writers to do the same, even when they’re inwardly grimacing. Remembering that the customer is always right, even when they’re wrong, helps everyone to stay happy (and sane).

There’s a final important word that’s very dear to us and, believe it or not, it doesn’t begin with an F. It’s Giving. More than most businesses, Write Arm is built upon relationships. Much of our work comes through referrals and we actively seek referrals for our clients and those in our wider network. We gain through giving.

Are we perfect? Yes, of course we are. OK, we’re not, we’re human. Occasionally things go wrong. When they do, we don’t look for someone to blame, we try to understand and, most importantly, we focus on solutions. It sounds like vacuous business-speak, but it really matters. Dwelling on problems and on who’s to blame causes stress and delays solutions. Finding fixes is good for the soul and even better for business.

Brighten your day – call us now on 0845 862 4646 or email us at info@writearm.co.uk