Our company

Write Arm was born in Brighton in 2012 to pool the talents of a diverse group of experienced copywriters, thought-leading journalists, content specialists and other media professionals from around the UK and beyond.

We act as a resource for marketing agencies and in-house marketing departments, enabling them to outsource their copy and content writing when they’re overstretched or under-resourced. Sometimes they need thousands of pages, sometimes just a strapline – whatever their needs, we can deliver, even at very short notice.

We love the power of words to engage and to enlighten. We want to work with people who have something worth saying.

We’re devoted to making your audience understand, think, care, act – or maybe just smile.

Want to know more, don’t you? Then call us on 0845 962 4646 or email info@writearm.co.uk. Don’t worry, we don’t bite.