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Here’s a selection of some of our top medical writers, along with samples of their work.

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Dr Nneka Irechukwu is a former ad and pharma industry senior copywriter and comms specialist. She has expertise in creating all types of HCP-facing promotional materials for numerous on- and off-line channels. Holding a PhD in respiratory physiology and pharmacology, she has worked across many other therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology, aesthetics, and nutrition. She has led a number of successful marketing campaigns providing strategic medical insight and copy expertise to help launch pharma products in the UK and globally. Samples:


In vitro diagnostics



Charlotte Haigh is a healthcare writer and past Chair of the Guild of Health Writers. She has been producing PSPs and other patient-facing materials for over 13 years, for clients including major pharma companies and charities. Charlotte specialises in producing accessible content rooted in the principles of behaviour change. Also comfortable writing for an HCP audience, she is used to collaborating with designers and medical/legal teams. Prior to her commercial career Charlotte was a leading health journalist, so she is especially good at translating complex medical information into fresh, empathic copy. Samples:

Amanda Barrell is medical copywriter and journalist who has written extensively for people with long-term health conditions, healthcare professionals and the general public. She worked with agencies, advocacy groups and pharma clients, and has covered a huge range of topics and treatment areas. Back in her agency days, she used to edit patient support magazines, and she’s also worked with CICRA (a charity for children with IBD) on wellbeing packs. She is experienced across a range of other outputs, including patient information, medical education, healthcare professional updates, newsletters and e-learning. Samples:


Joe Deeks is a senior medical writer with a background in multidisciplinary academic research and the pharmaceutical industry. He combining extensive technical, analytical and interpretive acumen with a wealth of medical, scientific and creative writing experience. His key therapeutic areas include diabetes, respiratory diseases, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases, oncology, ophthalmology, neurology and immunology. His experience spans symposium materials, market intelligence, PR, sales and marketing collateral, articles, video scripts and advisory board reports. Samples:

Dee Primett is a healthcare writer with over seven years’ experience of producing both business – and patient-facing content in fields including neurology, oncology, ophthalmology and dermatology. Her clients have included Eisai Pharmaceuticals, The International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association,, the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation and a well-known European health insurer. Her work has encompassed patient journey copy, behaviour change materials, fundraising packs and medical condition pages. Samples:

Sarah Botterill is a highly experienced writer and editor who was previously head of content for the British Heart Foundation’s within the Healthcare Innovation section and editor of the foundation’s Heart Matters magazine. She currently has a part-time marketing management role at AbilityNet. Samples:

Danny Buckland is a Fleet Street health reporter with over 25 years’ experience of working for national newspapers and magazines.  He frequently writes insight pieces for The Times’ Raconteur and reports for PMLiVE, and is a key member of the Sunday Express Mental Health Crusade team, which has won awards for reducing stigma and helping to reshape public perceptions of mental illness. Samples:

Das Petrou is a great creative all-rounder with decades of experience in some of the world’s leading ad agencies. He has worked with numerous pharma clients, primarily creating concepts, headlines and consumer-facing campaign copy. He has also created campaigns aimed at HCPs in areas, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and schizophrenia. His clients have included GSK, Sanofi, P&G, Novo Nordisk, Boots and the NHS. Samples of his work are available here.

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