Nothing personal, but your personalised emails are a real turn off

Email prospecting is getting more sophisticated, but it’s seldom smart

At Write Arm we’re huge advocates of email marketing. It brings in a lot of new business and yields a fantastic RoI. As you may have noticed, email prospecting has got more sophisticated over the past year or so, as new AI-driven platforms have provided marketers with a raft of clever personalisation tools.


Yet, whenever we look in our inbox, we find examples of email marketers getting it badly wrong.




In a nutshell, because they allow those personalisation bells and whistles to drown out common sense. Typically they open with statements like: ‘I’ve been following Write Arm for some time and thought your recent blog on product pages was really inspiring’, or ‘Really love what you’re doing at Write Arm and was especially impressed by your Maldon Salt case study.’


The best response to such tosh is: ‘Really impressed by how your AI has scraped our website for data that it can reference in an auto-generated email.’


For a deeper-dive into this issue, take a look at this LinkedIn article by our CEO John.


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